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Delivering the best
cycling solutions
for the future of sports
and mobility

Excellence and Reliability
in every product, in every process, in every project
Innovation and Sustainability
in pursuing the most efficient and effective production methods
Transparency and Dependability
in finding the best solutions together with our customers
RTE handles daily worldwide product shipping
We strive to make the most out of the latest technologies, continuously optimizing our methods.
Mobility & Sports
Electrical mobility, OEM development, exclusive brands, bike sharing, bike rentals
Foundation of RTE - Industrial Painting Solutions
Bicycle production starts
500.000 bicycles per year production achieved
Components manufacturing: Rims
Components manufacturing: Suspension forks
1.000.000 bicycles per year production achieved
Components manufacturing: Steel frames
Components manufacturing: Spokes
We produce
1.1 to 1.3 million
new bikes every year that ride across Europe every day...
That means about
1 in every 20 new bikes that ride across Europe are produced in our facilities!
When it all comes together, it works
At RTE we've come together to create a framework of quality in the production of bicycles. Decades of experience rotate every single day through our assembly lines, guaranteeing the high standards that make every ride unforgettable.
Building a sustainable future
We believe in the clean and sustainable potential of bikes. That's why, at RTE, we are proud to contribute every day to the mobility "revolution" that is inspiring cities and communities around the world.
Join the
Ride with us to the future of mobility
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